Mermans Architecture & Design, PLLC

My vision for Mermans Architecture & Design (MArchD) is to create a design-centered architectural practice which treats each project as a unique opportunity to provide clients with something inspiring, new, innovative, and timeless.

Even though architecture has been my primary focus , I have always been interested and involved with other design crafts, such as furniture, landscape, and interiors. MArchD has developed a collaborative team of designers to provide a wide breadth of design services to fit the client's needs.

My background in design started with my roots in the rural Netherlands, where I spent my elementary years. It is hard to describe exactly, but the experiences there, living in a farm house, and commuting in a very human scale Dutch town environment, has influenced every bit of my aptitude as a designer.


Relationship: Client
Project Date: Oct 2015

Complete architectural design for renovation of a large gaming/billiards room and new theater room. Bryan developed a wonderful design, suggesting and incorporating architectural elements that we did... Read More

Relationship: Client
Project Date: Aug 2015

Bryan is a (not for long) hidden gem in the Charlotte residential architectural design community. His designs certainly do not go unnoticed. He has a masterful mind for taking a concept to completion.... Read More

Relationship: Client
Project Date: Jan 2016

Bryan Mermans is an excellent example of what it is to be a professional at his craft. His designs are stunning, well thought out as well as creative. His design incorporated "new" ideas while still m... Read More

Simonini Homes
Relationship: Client
Project Date: Oct 2015

We have built many of Charlotte's premier Homes. Bryan Merman's architecture is very creative. Bryan gets what you you want right away and delivers creatative and timeless designs that are some of the... Read More

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